Unemployed or Unemployable: Part 2

This is the second of a two part blog highlighting the plight of the informal job sector in India and what needs to be done to mitigate the risk of a largely unemployable populace.

In India, premium is placed on education while focus on skills is considered taboo. To break this stigma, onus to bring education and skills together under a common umbrella is the need of the hour. Integrating our school and college curriculum with practical industry relevant training and introducing new and innovative methods of teaching can go a long way in bridging this gap. This way even the drop outs will get access to elementary employment opportunities which they would miss out on, otherwise.

Globally, the WISE framework includes a focus on a nation`s GDP, population, informal employment, literacy rate and many such indicators to draw conclusions on the matching of the youth aspirations to the potential and opportunities present across various sectors in that demography. This then allows the administration to invite private players from those industries who have the scale and bandwidth to offer jobs to the population of that region.

Additionally, employers should also be incentivised to conduct training and skill development workshops for its workers along with a focus on basic education and self development. With a focus on delivering quality and encouraging workers across informal and formal sector to take up vocational courses relevant to their profession, employers can offer a respite from the drudgery of ordinary work and utilize such sessions to interact with their teams and staff.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) under the Skill India initiative was the right step in this direction. Due to the bureaucratic hurdles and the prevalent red-tapism in this country, it has been ensured that even this scheme be embroiled in controversy and inaction. Such problems can only be turned on their heads by an able administrator with an iron will to bring reform and sweeping changes in our country`s fortune.

That is why at YouCare ,we now focus on not just imparting vocational training to all our caregivers but also ensure that they are educated enough to comprehend instructions and the dos/donts of caregiving.

With a requirement of over 2 million such Allied Health Professionals and Midwives in India by 2025 and over 30 million of them globally, the demand for professional caregiving will be on the rise in the years to come. Being imparted training on various lifestyle and age related illness such as Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer or Dementia will soon be the need of the hour. Also, practical knowledge of nursing protocols matching hospital standards along with a hands on approach to psychological and emotional support too will be required.


Our experience has taught us that we have the requisite labour to work in various fields. With a bit of support and hand-holding from the employers` end, we can not only cater to a rising domestic demand but may also fulfil global demand for blue collar jobs in the future.

What remains to be seen is which investor group or family office can back start-ups who have proven this model and can put their money where their mouth is. The ones who do so will surely be instrumental in ushering in a new industry hitherto unknown to India and be responsible for impacting the lives of millions.

Till next time, #YOUCARE.

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