Happy Elders!!Happy Families!!

“And in the end it is not the years in your life that count. It`s the life in your years that matter” : Abraham Lincoln

A recent study has shown that feeling of happiness in families increases by a staggering 50% if the elders in the house are reportedly happy and contented with their lives.

As over 10 crore Indians cross the age of 60 today, the term caregiver is rarely used in households. For family members or senior citizen themselves, employing a caregiver has its own psychological and financial implications. However, households which embrace professional caregiving report far more fulfilment and contentment with one another as compared to households which do not.

A separate study has noted the following factors as responsible for bringing happiness in the later years of life for the elderly. Some of them are mentioned below:

a. Good health:

Happiness rating rises gradually with age through the 50s all the way to the 90s. Knowing that their days are numbered allows people to savour the moments left. Termed as the U-Curve of happiness, maintaining one`s health long enough to be old is paramount to being happy.

b. Savouring the “ordinary”:

With age people find happiness in the so-called ordinary experiences of life-familiar, peaceful and predictable events. Not vying for the “extraordinary”, seniors report higher happiness with the humdrum of life.

c. Meaningful relationships:

As people age and time horizons grow short, people invest in what is important, typically meaningful relationships, and derive increasingly greater satisfaction from these investments. As per a separate research, even online relationships are responsible for 33% more happiness in elders than in people who are not online.

d. A sense of purpose:

Sharing stories with your kids and grandkids, surfing online, learning new technology or reading about new cultures and places, having a sense to accomplish a task or goal helps an elderly in coping up with age related issues and the loneliness and isolation which old age brings.

5. Hiring a caregiver:

Employing a caregiver as a companion or to assist one in basic mobility like bathing, toilet, dressing and eating reportedly ensures discipline and brings an elderly to look forward to a new day. A caregiver, it has been researched is responsible for improving longevity of life by over 25% and is instrumental in bringing joy and peace in the final years of one`s life. This eventually allows him/her to pass away more peacefully and without any regrets.

At YouCare, we take immense pride in documenting lives of families that have experienced far more peace of mind and longevity due to professional caregivers backed by a trustworthy and humane brand. 

We at YouCare strive to bring professional and affordable caregivers to the doorstep of every family. With our passion to make caregiving a celebrated and sought after profession in the times to come, we want to bring caregiving back into mainstream society and restore the dignity it rightfully deserves.

We hope we can leave this world a lot more kinder and caring than what we originally found it as!!!

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