5 reasons you should you hire a domestic help and not a professional caregiver.

Maids, didis or simply domestic helps are ubiquitous in our country. Also, universal is the fact that your household can be held at ransom if the help you hire suddenly decides to leave. In today`s era this necessity is true like never before.

However, when it comes to hiring a professional caregiver like a babysitter, nanny or nurse, families still have doubts over their capability to pay an individual exclusively for a task they render as simple as cleaning the house, utensils or cooking.

Let`s look at 5 reasons you should hire domestic helps and not caregivers:

  1. When you consider taking care of your elderly parent or a new born child as simple and routine as washing utensils or cleaning the house.
  2. When you are on a shoe string budget but feel the need for a helping hand but not a full-time resource.
  3. When you regard caregivers, maids, ayahs and drivers in the same category of paid labor.
  4. When you believe that maids can also clean after your child, sing him a lullaby, play with him or assist your parents to the washroom, give them a sponge bath or cook and feed them.
  5. When you simply need a helping hand for your chores and believe taking care of a child or elderly parent is one of them.

Make no mistake. At YouCare, we are flooded by dozens of requests for caregivers where the work involved is not much and the care recipient is completely fine. On closer look though, the care recipient might be completely bed ridden or invalid enough to help themselves to the washroom, to eat or is emotionally handicapped. Yet, families believe this is not much work and that a domestic help can substitute for a caregiver besides cooking, washing, cleaning, laundry and other domestic tasks.

This article is not to belittle the concerns of families who wish to care for their loved ones while maintaining a strict budget. There is no harm in substituting a domestic help for a caregiver provided it is done willingly. However, only through firsthand experience families encounter the incompetency, unprofessionalism and the lack of awareness of the domestic help in doing most of the chores that are expected of them in dispensing care for a loved one.

If a family is hiring caregivers in Chandigarh or Mohali, YouCare aims to solve their problem by providing babysitting and elderly services, connecting with over 200 caregivers matching their budget, location and timings. However, what we cannot and do not provide are maids in the guise of caregivers, willing to do chores which require a different skill set, experience and temperament.

When hiring for caregivers, it is rather simpler to list down the reasons for hiring, tasks that the family is completely incapable of handling themselves or which require a unique skill set and the cash one can spare with. This will not only make things easier for you and the caregiver but will also prune your expectations with respect to the budget you have fixed for the work. To know more, read this.

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Happy Caring!!


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