Why you should hire trained caregivers?

Trained caregivers are essential as not everyone can help in alleviating emotional pain. Care-giving emphasis on enhancing the quality of life for seniors and infant care. If a person is providing emotional and physical support to an elderly person or helping the elderly or an infant  with prescribed medications or maintaining their hygiene, then the person is called a caregiver.

Professional caregivers also provide non – medical help like companionship and light housekeeping services which may include assistance in meal preparation and keeping good hygienic conditions be it for a patient , senior citizen or an infant.

Good companionship service enhances and stimulates an elderly in their life’s daily management.

The basic requirements of caregivers are:

  • Companionship and conversations:
  • Assistance while walking
  • Cleaning up meals related items and also preparing meals
  • Managing medications and doctor’s visits , follow ups , etc.
  • Basic grooming of the patient

Light housekeeping that is expected from a caregiver

  • Making beds, changing linens.
  • Washing and ironing.
  • Basic household errands.

For more on types of care, refer the following article.

Professional caregivers are thoroughly, trained, insured and screened to meet the client’s requirement. A highly quality training program with expert skills are provided to become a caregiver. Some training research based induction training is provided to its cadre. Click here to know what a caregiver training should include.

Following points highlights what a good training should include:

  • Client’s safety should be first and foremost.
  • Good personal and environment hygiene.
  • Caring for patients with chronic conditions , illness or disabilities.
  • Confidentiality of clients personal stuff.
  • Specialized Care for patients suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  • Palliative care training.

The primary objective of any home care is to keep the elderly as independent as possible. For further assistance in Chandigarh, Mohali or Panchkula you can visit nearest centres for care-giving listed with Youcare. YouCare provides best senior care and child care services in Panchkula, Chandigarh and Mohali through freelancers and multiple agencies and companies.

Click here to know more.

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