Jobs for seniors citizens in Chandigarh

Many children are sadly neglecting the needs of their parents. Youngsters prefer to stay away from their parents, making the parents fend for themselves. Many retired Indians must have borrowed heavily to conduct their daughter’s marriage or some such expense and invariably they are not able to pay this expense.

If an elderly person involves himself in some work apart from economic reasons, it keeps the elderly physically and mentally active. Even for those who are financially comfortable a career can be taken up to enjoy the benefits of a healthy living.

YouCare has compiled below 5 jobs which can not only keep our parents occupied but can also help them regain a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

  1. Write a book


If a person is fond of writing, he can start his own blogs with personal experiences or some case studies. He can also make a book on the same. Notable octogenarian from Chandigarh, Mr. Amrit Gupta has authored 2 famous books which have gone on to be published multiple times is a clear example of how years of experience and wisdom can be put to excellent use for the generations to come ahead.

  1. Be A Trainer


Some seniors can be good at painting, craft, music or theatre. They can share their mastery through tutoring.  Classroom or practical training can also earn them a good income.

  1. Buy a property to rent it


Renting a property is pure passive income. Even routine maintenance work can be outsourced on one’s rental property to others. It just requires you to visit and check once a month that’s it. Visit this to know more.

  1. Internet jobs


There are a host of administrative, accounting, designing, blogging freelance work on the internet that can help seniors task as well as a good income. Check here  to know more about a host of senior citizens jobs. An online portal too exists in India for applying to exclusive jobs for the elderly. Click here to more.

  1. Selling Cooked Meals

cooked food online.jpg

One can start a catering business. They can start looking out for offices where they can start selling their meals. Negotiate with the HR team and have a contact with them. Tiffin or dabba services for PG or working is a great way to get started.

For the best senior care in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula, log in to YouCare and you can find best professional senior home care services with personal and attendant care. At Youcare one can search from unlimited services with best solutions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and loving relationships for senior care in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.

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Take Care and have a great time staying busy.


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