5 Fun activities to do with toddlers before they grow up.

Having a toddler around you will keep you very busy. Many of the activities below come from the memories of our team when their own children were a year or two. We at YouCare will love to share some ideas for fun activities our team has enjoyed with their children. Most of the activities that we mention below are really very simple and one can do them at home as well. 

  1. Playing Puppets


Hand puppets are natural and fun extension of the pretend play that your toddlers would love to engage and that too very promptly. Hand puppets are good for developing speaking and listening skills. Toddlers or ki

2. Peek A Boo


Laughter and smile start as early as tears in toddlers. This peek a boo game can be a form of communication. The term describes that understanding an object still exists, even if you can’t see it. Once a child understands that their parent is just hiding peek a boo becomes all about anticipating when they are going to come back.

3. Feeding the pet

pet feed.jpg

A child’s physical, social , emotional and cognitive development can be encouraged by interaction with pets. Pets are wonderful social facilitators. Children are more prone to interact with another child having pets. A child gets a sense of responsibility and also feeding the pet will raise self-esteem in children. In this way they can also learn about the pet’s special needs and unique characteristics

4.  Bubble Play


Bubble play is not only an easy way to play with toddlers but also it develops some skills in them. While following where the bubbles go some bubbles will move faster some bubbles will move slower .Toddlers will follow these bubbles which will enhance visual tracking skills in them. For toddlers it takes serious practice to link up what their eyes and hands are doing in order to accurately dip and blow with the wand this develops hand eye co-ordination in them.

5. Listening to Rhymes


While a child can have fun listening or repeating a rhyme will enhance a child’s memorising skill. A child can have a better understanding of word families where words have similar endings like rat , cat , bat, etc. Toddlers can hear words connected as sentences. These are building blocks for speech and communications.

We at YouCare believe that a toddler`s first year as a human sets his pace for the entire life. So, while we hope you enjoyed this small snippet, do keep reading further a few innovative accounts of parents here.

For more rhymes for toddlers, click  here.

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