5 Ways to build a strong baby.

Proper exercises and eating are a significant part of one’s health. Toddlers also require doing exercises daily for one hour. If they are raised doing exercises as a part of their daily routine, then most probably there will not be any harm of obesity in their future health.

It is better to make a toddler walk for 10-15 minutes rather than use baby prams, carriers, car seats , etc. because using them can hinder the baby`s physical and mental growth.

In the initial formative years the brain builds up link to the muscles. Therefore it is important to ensure adequate exercises on daily basis so that strong brain muscle links can be developed. The physical activities in toddlers are very effortless and enjoyable. If the kids take pleasure in workouts and if they cultivate exercises as a daily habit, they will probably be more active when they become adults.

Here are a few recommended exercises for your infant

  1. Grip Position


Lay your baby by putting his back on the ground then wrap your babies hand around your forefinger hold in place with your thumb and forefinger.  Stretch your babies arm gently by drawing his hand towards you, then return to the starting position without lifting the baby off the floor.

2. Chest Cross


Hold the babies hand in the grip position (as shown in point no. 1 ) . Then spread the babies’ arms out to the sides and then bring them across the chest and spread them out again. Repeat this movement 5-10 times slowly and gently.

3. Bicycle


Keep the babies back lying on the floor. Hold his feet and gently push one leg towards his chest while extending the other. Alternatively push and extend each leg 3 to 6 times . Stop and repeat the exercise.

4. Pull up


Keeping your baby in the grip position , keeping his back straight pull up your  baby slowly to the sitting position and then slowly and softly return the baby back to the floor.

5. Elbow Stand


Lay the child on his stomach placing his elbows directly underneath his shoulders. His forearms should be on the floor. Grasp and lift the baby’s hips to form a 45 degree angle from the floor. Let the child rest on his forearm. Repeat this exercise 5-10 times.

As your child grows you can continue the workout above while adding new moves. This way while exercising your child while ensure a good physical development and also have his parents undivided attention.

Here is a quick video references for some of the exercises mentioned above



Kindly share your comments and suggestions below. We at YouCare will love to educate our community about more ways to make babies stronger and healthier.

Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!


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